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Forum Started 01/01/2005 by Citizen Stu

The University Extracurriculars  
Students Faculty Staff
The Tastee Diner    
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The University

The University is in an unspecified area somewhere between Steel Canyon and King's Row. Below are listed several of the locations that have been mentioned.

Building Rooms/Offices First Appearance
Paragon University Library


Miss Binks's Office

1/1/2005 (Citizen Stu)
Student Union

Cantina (has tables and stools, automatic/bad coffee maker)


Several Study areas

Drop off spot for library books

3 lounges

The Wall (the information board, really a misnomer, as what had been one 4x8 corkboard some years ago had now grown into several bulletin boards, two 21" LCD panels and a constant scrolling television showing current events)

1/3/2005 (Citizen Stu)
Chemistry Building Various Labs 1/3/2005 (Steele Magnolia)
Xavier Hall Large Lecture Hall: Rows of seats, each with a small folding desk, rising from the pit where the speaker stood, to a balcony near the rear. Originally a biology and medical study hall, all seats had a good view of the platform, and acoustics were perfect. That due to the polished wood floors and hanging banners near the ceiling. The 20 foot wide speaker's platform had been updated, no more chalk boards, but retained it's quaint feel. A projector cast images on the scintillated wall, and various electrical and communications ports were hidden in the wooden table passing for a desk. 1/4/2005 (Sibling)
Earth Science Building Earth Science and Geology classes are taught in this building. Nathan Thomas/Earthsuit had a class here. 1/13/2005 (the Ninjin)
Mathematics Building   1/18/2005 (Steele Magnolia)
Sinclair Dormitory Dormitory. Lady Redbird, Dai, Upward Bound, Corvan , and many other heroes live there. (named by Mithril Zeta) 2/27/2007
Reeve Theater Building Theater building named in honor of Christopher Reeve. There are several stages in the building. In addition, faculty offices, including the Clique's, and a cafe. (named by Pheonyx)
Kirby Faculty Building One of the faculty office buildings. Dr. Erik 'Doc J' Johansson has his office on the second floor. (named by Mithril Zeta) 5/2/05
Armstrong Dormitory Dormitory. SteelDragon lives there in room 202. (named by Mad Gremlin) 5/7/05
The Old Fieldhouse Before the fancy new Sports Arena was built, almost everything was held in the Old Fieldhouse. Now used by intramurals, the Old Field house also has the old Olympic Swimming pool which is now called the 'Frog Pond.' introduced by the Mad Gremlin
Williams Dormitory Dormitory. Kinetic Force leves there. (named by Jack Daniels, 5/10/05)



Throughout the rp thread, there have been many extracurriculars mentioned. For the sports teams, Pargaon U’s teams should be called “the Statesmen” and have an eagle mascot wearing Statesman’s helmet named “Statey”.
Swimming Mark Hanes/SteelDragon, Tay/Heat Flux,
Football Erik Gregory Winslow, Chug, Marv, Bonz
Basketball Pete
Drama The Clique
Cheerleading Sabrina


Name Year/Major Storyteller
Diaz (01/03/2005)   Diaz XIII
Matt Bartholomew(01/01/2005)   Citizen_Stu
Danielle Jones/Winter Kills (01/01/2005) Criminal Psychology Steele-Magnolia
Mitch/Swordstroke (01/05/2005)   Genius4Hire
Doreen "Dodo" Sykes   Cowman
Riorden Leod/The Laird (1/13/2005)   TheSeaHawk
Nathaniel Thomas/Earthsuit   The_Ninjin
Chakat-Streak/Silverstreak (1/14/2005) Mechanical Engineering, Master's Student Chakat Streak
Ernest Dodonna (1/14/2005)   NWHawk
Ross MacBain/EmeraldClaymore Sophomore Pre-Law Mithril Zeta
Michael Stands (1/17/05) Non-Trad Students Jolly Rodger
Larry/Tik-Tock High School Student taking advanced classes MasterMind
Persephone Jenkins/Psi Kore (1/19/05) Junior Psychology Major Ravensbane
Amrien Science student and guest lecturer Amrien
Jarod (1/20/05)   Darkfang
Dawnblade/Aoshi Kurata (1/20/05)   Midnight Dawn
Caffeine Queen/Karen Maitland (1/25/05) Junior Computer Science Major with a psychology minor LadyMage
Canadian Witch/Breana Beauchamps (1/25/05) Political Science Major with an English Lit minor LadyMage
Hera Panthera   Robotech Master
Faded Dream   Devildove
Aleslia Archaeology Queen Etheria
Michaela   Seniara
Liz Stone/ Pink Dragon   Bain of War
Sparky   Citizen Stu
Hollow Grad Student in Archaeology, Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Archaeology HollowKop
Mark Hanes/Steele Dragon Member of the Swim Team. Mad Gremlin
Dai Arashi   Seikon
Fred Jefferson/Upward Bound   Mithril Zeta
Zachary Steven/Mithril Zeta Non-Trad student working at completing his Rhode Island teaching degree Mithril Zeta
Samhein Greystar Freshman, enrolled in various English-as-Second-Language courses as well as a wide spectrum of Earth magical systems studies. Dark Harrier
Naephinx/Arrows Lass   Yydr


Name Department Storyteller
David Clemmons/Sol-Ar (01/01/2005) Criminal Psychology Sol-Ar
Angela Barstow/Sibling(01/01/2005) Psychology/Antiquities Sibling
Annabella Plank/Under.Tow (01/03/2005) Physics Dollhouse
Dr. Sanstad (is a hero) Biology Citizen Stu
Professor Drake (02/05/2005) Geology The Ninjin
Professor Pratt (01/13/2005) (former hero, possibly) Geology NPC(created by Amrien)
Professor Crump (01/14/2005) Mechanical Engineering NPC (created by Chakat Streak)
Professor Richards Chemisty NPC (created by Amrien)
Professor Erik Johansson Hero Studies NPC (created by Mad Gremlin)
Professor Marshall Mathematics NPC (Created by Steele Magnolia)
Professor Blustein Psychology NPC (Created by Ravenbane)
Brother Psyche Psychology MasterMind
Professor McBrayne (2/6/2005) Sociology/Anthropology NPC (created by Queen Etheria)
Professor Howards Archaeology NPC (created by HollowKOP)
Professor White Archaeology NPC (created by HollowKOP)
Professor Vahzilok (2/15/2007) Biology Skele
Dr. "Mad Doc" Maddendoch (4/24/05) Physics Mad Gremlin


Name Job Storyteller
Miss Binks (01/01/2005) Head Librarian NPC (created by Citizen Stu)
Mr. Thorn (01/03/2005) Cantina Chef NPC (created by Citizen Stu)
Anne Andersen Dean of Residence Life NPC (created by Mithril Zeta)
Kevin Banyon Administrative Assistant of Residence Life NPC (created Mithril Zeta)
Scruffy (01/08/2005) Head Custodian NPC (created by Citizen Stu
John Bain/Bain of War (01/16/2005) Technical Support Supervisor Bain of War
Michaela (1/31/2005) Manager of the Paragon University Security Force Seniara
Dean Richards Academic Dean NPC (created by Corvan Dee)
Caleb Tayler/Heat Flux Assistant Swim Coach Heat Flux
Coach Johnson Head Swim Coach NPC (Heat Flux)
Superintendent Wallace Superintendent of the Humanities Departments at Paragon Univeristy NPC (Sol-Ar)

The Tastee Diner

The Tasty Diner is located in King's Row near the Yellow Line Station. It has glass windows, twelve booths, and a counter with seating for eight. Also has a toy crane machine near the entrance. Ike Brown owns the bar, and received funding for it through Crey employee Max Croniger (now deceased).

Name Job Storyteller
Isiahl 'Ike' Brown Manager/Cook NPC (created by Steele Magnolia)
Mona Jones Waitress, mother of Winter Kills NPC (Created by Steele Magnolia)
Priscilla Waitress, also known as 'Priscilla the Suburban Princess' NPC (created by Steele Magnolia)

Guest Stars

Name Regular Forum Storyteller
Dr. Helen Markov/Steele Magnolia Whitmoore Apartments Steele Magnolia
Jing Chiang/Lady Gemini   Sibling
Lady Almira   Sibling
David Bartholomew Matt Bartholomew's Father Citizen Stu


Current Storytellers

BainofWar (1/16/05) HollowKOP ( 4/4/2005) Mithril Zeta (4/28/2005)
PoptartsNinja (5/5/05) Lady Moiread Jarvi
Dark Harrier Cowman Pheonyx

Archival Storytellers

Citizen Stu (creator) Steele Magnolia (01/01/05) Sol-Ar (01/01/05)
Sibling (01/01/2005) Dollhouse (01/03/2005) Genius4Hire (01/05/05)
TheSeaHawk (01/13/2005) Amrien (01/09/2005) Chakat Streak (01/14/2005)
NWHawk (01/14/2005) MasterMind (1/18/05) JollyRodgers(1/17/05)
Ravenbane (1/19/05) Darkfang (1/20/05) Midnight Dawn (1/20/05)
Sister Jeanne (1/ /05 Robotech Master (1/28/07) Mad Gremlin (4/15/05)
American Rock Yydr_ Heat Flux
La Tempestad (4/25/05) Darkelven Vixxen (5/5/05) Corvan Dee(2/27/2007)
Silver Echo (5/9/05) Seniara (1/27/05) Jack Daniels (4/21/05)
Lymph (2//07) Skele (2/15/07)