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Warning: These Writing Guidelines give away many plot lines and surprises in the Castle Zierath World.

This whole site is under construction. We are working on a real wiki page, but it takes time. Hope to have it up and going soon.

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The world of Castle Zierath is a shared fantasy world created by dozens of different people. It has a huge world, massive timeline, and a strong continuity.

We at the Zierath Alliance are always excited to have influxes of new ideas for stories, for building societies and cultures, and for deepening the stories that are already here.

Not every idea will be accepted into the full continuity. It will be up to the Editor-in-Chief what becomes canon. Often, writers will also want to use the established characters in their stories, or expand an existing event to a full story. If you wish to write a story of an event already posted, email us at mdloyal@yahoo.com. Also, the treatment of the characters and events always needs to be cleared with their creator in addition to the Editor-in-Chief.

There are hundreds of countries on the world, and only a few of them have extended histories.


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